Thank you for sending me your splendid composition and website concerning the brilliant book Memoirs of Khalili, which has been prepared and presented in a valuable manner and beautiful style by you and prominent lady Marie Khalily Nasiri. This unprecedented political and social confessions is a historical literary treasure of Afghanistan cultural history narrated by a prominent and famous poet  “Ostad Khalil, as it has been mentioned in this poem of Ostaad Bitaab:

“Rawaan-o-pokhta-o-pormaghz shair migoyad

Negaareshash hama niko ba shiwa-e-quodamaast.”

I appreciate your valuable effort and the editorial contribution of our dearest friend Kawi Koshan . I wish you more success to serve so kindly the Afghan community in the United States of America.

Dr. A. W. Latifi


Salaam, Marie-jan,

I received the book, and I read the first few pages. One can hear your father’s voice! I look forward to reading it all, and thank you so much for sending it to me.

-Prof. Tamim Ansary


Salaam, Marie Jan,

I did get the book and started to read it a few nights ago.  It is really wonderful. There are so many things that I always wondered about which are explained.  Your book is really fascinating and it is hard to put down.  I want to thank you again so much for all of your kindness.  I truly hope to see you in person the next time I am visiting your area.

-Prof. Robert Darr


Dear Marie jan: Salam.

Thank you so much for sending me a copy of Ustad’s memoirs, based on your conversations with him. It is an incredibly rich source of historical information and analysis for all of us. It is an eyewitness account of immense importance in clarifying so many facts and circumstantial instances which have often been submerged or distorted or neglected by those who have sought to mold Afghanistan’s historical and political evolution according to their ideological bents. It is a book that once one starts reading, one cannot put down.

So the reason that I am writing to you now is because I have finished reading it. I have found it to be very enriching and rewarding. I am amazed about Ustad’s phenomenal memory about names, places and events. My very warm congratulations to you and Afzal Jan.

-Prof. Amin Saikal


Thanks so much for sending me the link to the new Khalili website!  I’ve gone to it and it looks great…The pictures are especially worth seeing…And I had not known about Marie’s speaking engagements on the issue of rights for Afghan women after the Taliban came to power.  Very glad to learn of that part of her history.  The whole thing is quite fine.  Well done!

-Ron Lutjens, St. Luis, MO


Salamun ‘alaykum. Many thanks for the good news that you are publishing the memoirs of Marhum Khalilullah Khalili and that you will be sending me a copy. I will of course be happy to write an appreciation of his work for inclusion in the English edition.

-Prof. Hamid Algar, University of Berkley, California


One of the best things about my work is I stumble upon interesting books that get little press but should.  The latest is called Memoirs of Khalili, A Conversation with His Daughter, edited by local business people Marie Khalili and Afzal Nasiri.  The book relays memories of Afghan writer, philosopher, historian and statesman, Professor Ustad Khalilullah Khalili.  Professor Khalili authored more than seventy works of poetry, fiction, histories and Sufi studies.

I know very little about Afghanistan, save what I read in the newspaper and have learned through brief presentations on the culture.  I hear a lot about what our service people go through in taking action against the Taliban, and I know most countries in the Middle East and elsewhere frown on the Taliban (to put it mildly).  But I learned more by reading the introduction of the book and then perusing the links on the book’s website.  I really got a peek at life in Afghanistan, and I look forward to more intellectual meandering.

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt, Author, Bristow, VA