About the Editors

Marie Khalili Nasiri and Afzal  Nasiri

Marie Khalili Nasiri is the daughter of Khalilullah Khalili. She was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and had her early education at the  Rabia Balkhi High School.

Later she studied Arabic language in Jeddah during the time her father  was Ambassador  to Saudi Arabia.

She was later hired by the Ministry of Information and Culture  and appointed reporter at The Kabul  Times ( English) daily newspaper. She was in charge of the Women’s page at the paper.

In 1975 she was appointed as Secretary  of the Afghan Women’s Organization to celebrate  the United Nation’s “Year of the Women”.

She is married to Afzal  Nasiri, who also worked at The The Kabul Times as a journalist. They met and married in  1975 in Baghdad, Iraq, where her father was the Ambassador of Afghanistan at that time.

Marie and Afzal moved to the USA after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. Marie worked diligently towards the cause of women in Afghanistan after the Taliban control in 1996 to 2001.  She traveled to different places in the USA to fight against the “ Plight of Afghan women,” delivering lectures and talking to various influential groups, raising awareness to Afghan women cause.

Marie and Afzal live in Manassas, VA with their two sons Khalil Nasiri and Shaun Nasiri.

Afzal Nasiri holds a masters in Political Science from a reputable university in India. He also has journalism training and courses. He graduated  High School from Roman Catholic School in India.

In Afghanistan Afzal worked at The Kabul Times Editorial Board from 1973 to 1980 before he left his country for the US after the Soviet invasion. He has written many articles in Afghanistan, India and also  articles and op-eds in local papers in New York and New Jersey. Afzal’s father hailed from the Farza (Kohdaman), North of Kabul and was a political refugee in India from childhood.

Al Nasiri can be reached at afzal.nasiri@gmail.com or 703-447-1656.